Notre Dame International Security Center announces its first United States Army War College Fellow

Author: NDISC

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Chaplain (Colonel) Larry Dabeck is the 2019-2020 US Army War College Fellow, studying and writing for the Army on developing senior strategic leadership. He has three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was awarded the Bronze Star for, “selfless and dignified service in caring for the spiritual needs of wounded and deceased enemy soldiers….” He served for three years as the graduate instructor for ethics at the US Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC), helping to found the GEN Hugh Shelton Chair in Ethics. He presented his research on Virtuous Combatants at the 2012 CGSC Annual Army Ethics Symposium. He most recently served as a senior religious affairs advisor for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Joint Staff, and Combatant Commands.

Chaplain Dabeck serves as a US Army Chief of Chaplains senior leader and a senior ethicist for the Army Chaplain Corps.

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