OMVA releases first-ever apparel line

Author: Megan Leis


God, Country, Notre Dame.

The words inscribed over the east door of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart honor the legacy of those that served during World War I, and it inspires hundreds of men and women to serve our great nation in times of war and peace.

The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs (OMVA) represents Notre Dame’s ongoing commitment to honor those who have selflessly served our country. This year, we are pleased to release the first-ever OMVA apparel to the public!

Make your purchase today and proudly wear this new Notre Dame Military and Veterans inspired apparel. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this apparel will provide financial aid that enables military-connected students to continue their education here at Notre Dame.

Our Under Armour apparel features the Office of Military & Veterans Affairs logo with its three distinctive elements: the Golden Dome as a beacon of hope, five stars for the five traditional branches of the military services, and the colors of the American Flag.